The staff at Uptown Design Agency (UDA) has provided distinctive  graphic arts and web design solutions to a variety of companies and organizations in the Greater Houston area for more than 25 years. We deliver superb graphic design done by industry professionals. Please review our site to learn more about our range of services.

UDA is a one-stop, full service art studio. Let us create your logo, website, or any graphic design project you have.

Our staff delivers:

– Over 25 years of graphic design experience
– Over 20 years of magazine design and production experience
– Over 15 years of art direction experience
– Over 12 years of web design experience

Our Purpose
Effective graphic design and visual communications (interchangeable terms) allows potential customers to receive and act upon information about your company or organization as quickly and as easily as possible. Quite simply;  fortunes are won and lost thanks to effective or ineffective graphic design.

Our Mission

UDA seeks to provide the most creative, dependable and professional graphic design services. We believe treating our clients with integrity, honesty, compassion is paramount to our success.
Our goal is to leave a positive lasting impression on any client who trusts UDA with their graphic art and design projects.