Business Card Design Process

No need to waste your time with online do-it-yourself business card sites, we’ve got it covered. Those free business cards sites aren’t truly free anyway; how much is your time worth? And many only provide templates that anyone can choose.

Our cards can be based upon an existing design or custom designed just for you.

1. The business card design process starts with your ideas or your current design. Whether it’s how you want to be perceived, or a specific marketing strategy, discussing what you want to achieve makes sure we start heading in the right direction.

2. From that basis and using any examples you have, we will create a number of mockups for you to review. These are emailed to you. Your honesty is critical at this point. You can’t hurt our feelings; be sure to tell us exactly what you like and dislike about the concepts presented.

3. Once you approve the design and content of the cards (proofread carefully) your business cards normally take, depending upon any special options, 1-2 weeks and will be delivered directly to you. You can order cards in “Professional” grade or “Extra Thick” with or without the gloss coating. You can have square or rounded corners, as well as a couple of shaped cards if you prefer.