Ezine Design & Production

You need to focus on the content of your Ezine and not worry about the design. That’s where we come in. We offer design services to help you get your Ezine going! Whether you are just starting out or needing a fresh look for your existing publication, we can help.

What’s an Ezine? In simple terms an Ezine is an enhanced email or digital newsletter sent to a list of subscribers. However, an Ezine is so much more than that. It is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to target your audience directly and engage them with your business. An Ezine could be anything from a simple newsletter to an interactive viral marketing piece.

An Ezine is also one of the best ways to highlight new products or special offers to your customers. But one of the main functions of an Ezine is to drive traffic to your site and keep your customers coming back for more.

There is a subtle art to designing Ezines, ensuring the right balance of information and calls to action, while ensuring each one displays correctly regardless of the recipient’s email client. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your Ezine campaign is a success.


Digital Publishing

UDA provides companies with digital editions that offer a flexible, customizable, cost-efficient alternative or compliment to the printed version. UDA takes your high-resolution PDFs and transforms them into fast, crisp, interactive digital pages that create a quality experience for readers. Using your print PDF file, we can publish your company’s digital magazines, digital catalogs, digital brochures, digital travel guides and interactive marketing promotions.

The digital edition can be viewed on any desktop, laptop or modern, web-enabled device. It adjusts in size to the device or reader.

The digital edition lives on a URL branded to the company and can be iFramed on a website. The digital edition is SEO-friendly and unique subscriber management and new issue mailing options are available.


Page Flipping
Navigating through digital editions is as intuitive as flipping through a paper magazine. Grab pages and turn them over or use the navigation menu to jump ahead.

Vector Zoom
Simply double-click to zoom and click-and-drag to scroll through spreads. With vector zoom, your digital publication’s text will always remain crisp and sharp for easy reading.

Thumbnail View
Quickly view all of a digital edition’s pages as thumbnails. With thumbnail view, you can easily jump to any article or advertisement in the digital edition.

Article Feed and Translation
Clicking on article titles will take you to simple text feeds where articles can easily be read, text enlarged, social bookmarked or translated to any language offered by Google.

Contents and Advertisers Menu
Finding interesting content is easy with separate menus for Contents and Advertisers. Special menus can even be flagged by publishers, making them more prominent in the lists.

Digital editions or select pages can be printed (with publisher’s approval) at any time and we’ll even keep track of which pages were printed and how often they were printed.

PDF Download
Digital editions can be downloaded by the reader as a single PDF file and saved for offline viewing or archiving. Publishers can choose to enable or disable this feature.

Share with a Friend
Did you find an article or page interesting? Then help spread the word by sending friends links and messages to a publication or page number using the “Share with a Friend” feature.

Text Search
Easily search a single digital edition or an entire publication archive. Search results are displayed with thumbnails of pages making navigation a simple and intuitive process.

Archives Access
Give readers easy access to past issues. Thumbnails of back issues can be displayed in both a collapsible sidebar or from a pop-up accessed from the digital edition toolbar.

Create Notes
Create sticky notes anywhere on a page and view them when you come back to read the digital edition. Sticky notes can easily be moved, edited, copied or deleted at anytime.

Save Favorites
Did you find a page, article or advertisement you like? Save a bookmark with a note and easily jump to your bookmark the next time you want to read the digital edition.

The decision to publish digitally marks a strategic direction that can grow circulation without compromising budget. This is a long term solution with benefits that exceed saving money. Digital editions are a path to the future, and UDA is a publishing partner every step of the way. See digital edition features at work below.