Our Web Design and Development

A web site is a composition of unique elements: the design and layout of the site; the images and text that comprise the content; and the HTML code and scripting that make the site function in a web browser. Most organizations need creative help in all of these areas, but often, small firms only focus on one or two. UDA fills that void by bringing together all the services you need.

We deliver custom web site design and coding to entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses and nonprofit clients. Our goal is to meet your web site needs from conception to completion.

Before beginning a web design project, we work closely with our clients to put together a detailed project schedule outlining specific deliverables and dates of delivery from UDA to you, as well as time frames for your feedback and approvals for each phase of the project. Most UDA projects have 5 major phases:

During the planning phase, we spend time getting to know you and your business or organization. We may ask you to provide copies of your current marketing materials and we will ask you a lot of questions using our PDF questionaire. During this phase, we may assess your Overall Business Strategy, Marketing Objectives, Target Audience, Competition, Project and Design Preferences, Ideas and more.

After we have gathered the information, goals and objectives needed for the project, we begin to conceptualize the design and develop the overall structure for the project. During this phase, UDA may submit to you for your feedback and approval design concept and mockup(s), project description/map, a detailed functionality outline, and, if UDA is writing or editing content for the project, a complete list of the pages to be written or edited.

After your approval of the design concept and overall project structure is given, we begin to build your project. The production phase is often the longest phase of the project. We build out all pages/screens and propagate them with content and graphics, we code and develop all technical requirements (database, e-commerce functionality, etc.), we also create the “bells and whistles” for the project (Flash elements, dynamic drop down menus, etc.).

Once the project has been built, UDA tests it extensively. We then turn it over to you to review and test. Revisions, if needed, are made to the project based on testing results and your feedback.

After we receive your final approval, your project is ready to “go live.” Upon your final approval, depending on the type of project, UDA may upload your web files to your live web server and submit the site to search engines.